Login with Sina Weibo returns error "redirect_uri_mismatch"
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Login with Sina Weibo returns error "redirect_uri_mismatch"


  • Social Login


From Gigya customer feedback, Sina Weibo's API does not take into account the value set in the "Authorization callback page" field within the application's advanced settings. Instead, the redirect_uri parameter passed during Social Login is matched against either the "Website domain name" field or the "Security domain name" field (for older applications) within the application's basic settings.

Note: The field names for the Sina Weibo application settings were derived using Google Translate. The original field names are listed below:

  • "授权回调页" => "Authorization callback page"
  • "网站域名" => "Website domain name"
  • "安全域名" => "Security domain name"


Ensure that when the application is created, the domain set in the "Website domain name (网站域名)" field is either the root domain of or exactly the same as the CNAME being used for Social Login[1].


[1]: https://knowledge.gigya.com/GKB_Article?id=a6H4000000158ZuEAI

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