How can I delete a user from the Gigya database?
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How can I delete a user via REST API?


  • Registration-as-a-Service(RaaS)
  • Identity Storage


Using the REST API

The following REST API calls can be used to delete users based on their UID:

  • socialize.deleteAccount[1]
  • ids.deleteAccount[2] (requires "Profile Management" activation)
  • accounts.deleteAccount[3] (requires "Registration-as-a-Service" activation)

Using the Identity Access Tab

Users can be deleted in the Identity Access[4] tab by:

  1. Searching for the user (it is recommended to use UID to ensure the correct user is deleted)
  2. Accessing the individual user
  3. Click on the "gear" icon next to the user's name
  4. Select the "Delete User" option from the drop-down menu

Note: The Identity Access tab is only available if the "Profile Management" package is activated on the site.



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