Facebook Delete User Request
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Facebook has sent a request for my organisation to delete a user, but only provided an Application ID and a Facebook ID. How do I find and delete this user?


  • RaaS
  • Social Login


The Social user can be located using the Provider UID. This can be found by running the below query via the Identity Query Tool [1] in the Gigya Admin Console, Reports area. Simply replace "facebookID" with the correct ID provided by Facebook. This will be numeric, and must be in quotes.

  • select * from accounts where identities.providerUID="facebookID" 

It is not possible to run this query across all Sites (API keys) so each Site using the Facebook Application referenced in the email will need to be checked.

Once you know the Gigya UID the record could be delete programaticaly, or via the Identity Access tool. Please use the suitable method for your data management processes.


[1] https://developers.gigya.com/display/GD/Identity+Query+Tool


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