What is the best way to compare two Sites?
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What is the best way to compare two Sites?


  • Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS)
  • Gigya Admin Console


This article outlines the best way to compare two Sites in the Gigya Admin Console.


The most important configurations can be requested via API. The resulting data can then be compared using a Diff Tool. 

The relevant API calls are:

  • accounts.getSchema[1
  • accounts.getPolicies[2
  • accounts.getScreenSets[3

In addition to those API's, the Configuration Copy Tool[4] tool may be useful. This tool can be used to copy a Site in the Console. 


[1]: https://developers.gigya.com/display/GD/accounts.getSchema 

[2]: https://developers.gigya.com/display/GD/accounts.setPolicies+REST 

[3]: https://developers.gigya.com/display/GD/accounts.getScreenSets+REST 

[4]: https://developers.gigya.com/display/GD/Configuration+Copy+Tool 

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